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What you'll learn

What is Aleo?

Aleo is a Layer-1 blockchain that supports privacy-preserving applications using zero-knowledge technology. Leo, Aleo's zero-knowledge programming language, makes writing private-by-default applications easy by compiling circuits down to low-level Aleo instructions. It provides powerful, blockchain-native syntax and robust error-handling, giving developers the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and security.

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

Mastering the art of building zero-knowledge applications on Aleo with this three-week course designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and guidance to transition from traditional development or increase your Web3 skills.

Through immersive hands-on exercises and projects, you will learn how to design, develop, test, and scale applications using Leo. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow participants who share your enthusiasm for blockchain technology and zero-knowledge innovations.

With the expertise and network you acquire through this bootcamp, you will be well-equipped to build private and secure applications on the Aleo Layer-1 blockchain, and eventually even embark on a promising career as a blockchain developer or entrepreneur.

Meet your instructors

What you'll learn

Preethi Kasireddy

Preethi started her crypto career as a software engineer at Coinbase and helped launch Ethereum onto the Coinbase platform.

She then taught herself Ethereum Dapp development during the 2017 ICO boom and built smart contracts for various crypto projects before deciding to start her own crypto company called TruStory. At TruStory, she and her team built their own blockchain on Cosmos.

Before Coinbase and TruStory, Preethi was a partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she worked on deals such as Buzzfeed, Stackoverflow, Envoy, SmartCar and others. Prior to that, she was an Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Her well-rounded experience as a founder, engineer, investor, and banker gives her a unique lens into the world of crypto and finance. She has a knack for teaching– many of her courses and blogs have gone viral.

What you'll learn

Rajesh Muppalla

Rajesh is the lead instructor at DappCamp and ZKCamp. He covers hands-on topics and also advanced topics like security. He has been in the tech industry for 20+ years and has deep knowledge in domains like blockchain, machine learning and big data.

Prior to DappCamp, Rajesh co-founded Indix–a company in the AI/ML space, later acquired by Avalara. He has also run several bootcamps in his startup and earlier companies to help on-board new employees.

You can find more of his work on github.

What you'll learn

Why choose this course?

Active Learning, not Passive Watching

Lectures are designed to keep you on your feet. You are quizzed on everything you learn and get badges for crushing them! You also have access to an active Discord channel where your peers are asking and answering questions about the lecture content.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

You will walk away with friends and potential cofounders who you can build the future with. Think hackathon, where you learn a ton and gain incredible friends in a short period of time.

Accountability and Feedback

The biggest benefit of a cohort-based course is accountability and peer support. By building in a group setting, you will constantly be surrounded by constructive feedback and motivational energy. Moreover, Preethi and the coaches will be highly engaged in giving every student 1:1 feedback through the course.

Learn with a comprehensive curriculum

  • 1

    Pre-readings and Homework


    We will provide you with pre-readings and homework to complete before the first day of the cohort. These resources are designed to give you a basic understanding of Aleo blockchain and zkSNARKs. The pre-readings include an exploration of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), covering topics such as what ZKPs are, mathematical and cryptographic primitives, polynomials, modular math, and information theory. Before you begin, you will need to set up..

  • 2

    Introductions & ZKP fundamentals

    Live - October 7th

    On the first day of the cohort, we will begin by holding a meet and greet session. This will provide an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to your fellow ZKCampers and share your goals for the bootcamp. We will also discuss the program's expectations and set the tone for the week ahead. Next, we will dive into the fundamentals of ZKPs which will lay the necessary foundation for the rest of the course.

  • 3

    Aleo fundamentals

    Live - October 8th

    In this module, we will delve into the fundamentals of the Aleo blockchain. You will gain an understanding of Aleo's core features, its emphasis on privacy, and its utilization of zkSNARKs. We will explore how zero-knowledge proofs are employed within Aleo and examine the architecture of the platform. Furthermore, we will compare Aleo to other blockchain platforms, highlighting the distinctions in terms of privacy, scalability and development workflow.

  • 4


    Live - October 11th, 14th, 18th

    This module will focus on zkSNARKs, the building blocks of the Aleo blockchain. Over the course of three days, we will cover various aspects of zkSNARKs. The first day will center around mathematical and cryptographic primitives, while the second day will delve into arithmetization techniques (R1CS) and polynomial commitment schemes (PCS). On third day, we will explore the MARLIN E2E protocol.

  • 5

    Leo deep dive

    Live - October 21st

    In this module, we will provide an in-depth exploration of Leo, the programming language used to write programs on the Aleo blockchain. Through a series of short programs, we will cover essential concepts of the language.

  • 6

    Building a program on Aleo

    Live - October 22nd, 25th

    To develop private and decentralized applications on Aleo, you need more than just knowledge of the Leo programming language. In this module, we will guide you through the process of setting up a project, using Aleo CLI for program compilation and deployment, and integrating the program with a frontend interface. By the end of this module, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to write and deploy programs on Aleo.

  • 7

    Advanced Aleo

    Live - October 27th

    In the final module, we will explore advanced topics related to the Aleo blockchain. We will cover Aleo instructions, delving into their intricacies and capabilities. Additionally, we will address security considerations when developing programs on Aleo, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to build robust and secure applications.

  • 8

    Demo Day

    Live - October 29th

    During the live week, you will collaborate with fellow cohort members to work on a project on the Aleo blockchain. This involves conceptualizing an innovative application idea, writing a whitepaper outlining the project, implementing the application using Aleo's programming language and tools, and preparing a 5-minute presentation to showcase your final project to the cohort.